Case Studies

  • Real Time Display innovations at the Home Office

    Not content with displaying data for just their HQ building, John Cole, Head of Sustainability at the Home Office, has expanded the RTD project to provide transparency in energy consumption across a further 10 key Home Office sites, using data already being captured by the official meter data collector, thus minimising costs.

  • Engaging others to reduce waste

    Our client, a UK based property company, is keen to improve the utility performance of their buildings but with limited energy management, human resources they have been keen to engage others in the process. Whilst this has been a challenge, it is now starting to bear fruit and the success has been based in part, on automated reporting and simple, appropriate presentation.

  • Just 5 mins a week helped save more than 20% in 12 months

    Reducing costs by finding and eliminating utility waste, on the face of it, is an obvious thing to do but often day-to-day operational issues delay planned actvities, sometimes indefinitely. This case study explains how this inaction can be overcome.