Case Studies

  • Ashley C of E Primary School

    eco|Driver® is a Microsoft© award winning, web based, user friendly, real-time sustainability management system.

  • Benefits of CHP Performance Monitoring

    Windsor Leisure Centre installed a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit in March 2010 to generate electricity on-site and to provide hot water for the leisure centre. Periodically however the CHP unit 'trips' and stops generating electricity but this is not immediately apparent to the leisure centre staff as everything else on-site functions normally; they just use more grid electricity.

  • Camberley Mall

    The Mall (Camberley) embarks upon a mission to improve sustainability with the help of eco2systems and ecoDriver®.

  • Energy Efficiency Programme saves over £200k

    In May 2010 all 18 Whitehall Central Government HQs were instructed to install real-time, online energy displays (RTDs as they have become known) as part of the new government's drive to intoduce transparency.

  • Engaging others to reduce waste

    Our client, a UK based property company, is keen to improve the utility performance of their buildings but with limited energy management, human resources they have been keen to engage others in the process. Whilst this has been a challenge, it is now starting to bear fruit and the success has been based in part, on automated reporting and simple, appropriate presentation.