Ashley C of E Primary School

eco|Driver® is a Microsoft© award winning, web based, user friendly, real-time sustainability management system.

Ashley C of E Primary School

eco|Driver® is a Microsoft© award winning, web based, user friendly, real-time sustainability management system which captures data (e.g. energy & water consumption, onsite renewables & waste disposal) and reports, alerts & broadcasts on a school’s performance in relation to user defined targets.

Installing eco|Driver® enables children to play a full and active role in sustainability initiatives. Using eco|Driver® pupils can be involved in monitoring consumption and they can analyse the data as part of their lessons. Lesson plans for Key Stage 1-4 have been designed to actively involve pupils in reducing carbon emissions – to start them on the road to building and sustaining a brighter future. eco|Driver® is not simply an energy management tool that has been adapted for use by schools; it was designed from day one to be a solution to engage all pupils, teachers, support staff, and the general public in the process of reducing costs, emissions and improving sustainability.

Ashley C of E Primary School (Ashden award winner 2009) in Walton-on-Thames had eco|Driver® installed at the end of 2007. Visionary Head teacher Richard Dunne (winner of the Individual Champion for Sustainable Energy – Low Carbon Awards) had embarked on a project to enable the school to be much more energy efficient by installing Solar PVs and a Biomass Boiler. Then they installed eco|Driver® to enable them to monitor not only the energy they were consuming but also the energy they were producing.

Whilst all of the school’s sustainability initiatives have jointly brought them energy savings of well over 40%, according to head teacher Richard Dunne, the key to maintaining absolute reductions is eco|Driver®.


′eco|Driver® is a powerful tool to monitor and reduce energy and we are excited that it is already changing behaviour and reducing costs.′

Richard Dunne, Headteacher of Ashley C of E Primary School