Camberley Mall

The Mall (Camberley) embarks upon a mission to improve sustainability with the help of eco2systems and ecoDriver®.

Camberley Mall

Initial Approach

In the Autumn of 2009, eco2systems approached Camberley Mall about the prospect of implementing the award winning sustainability information management system, eco|Driver®. The Mall, faced with rising costs in energy, were looking to implement a number of measures to help improve sustainability across the facilities. Amongst a number of the sustainable measures introduced, Camberley commissioned eco2system to install eco|Driver®.

Immediate Impact

Immediately, the use of eco|Driver® had a positive impact at the Mall. The facilities management team were able to use ecoDriver to identify and correct issues with the operation of their existing Building Management System. Having been asked by Head Office to present them with monthly CO2 figures, the Mall team were able to quickly put together the information necessary using ecoDriver’s reporting functionality.

A competitive edge?

With the continued help of eco2systems the Mall has been able to make significant savings, using eco|Driver®. The management team have developed a sustainability strategy to correct heating and lighting problems, identified using the system. Furthermore, the past year has seen the staff competing with each other by trying to see who could get the usage to the lowest level overnight. These initiatives have seen a reduction in total energy of 6% in the first year, and up to 21% in the second year since the project was commissioned.

Looking to the Future

More recently, the Mall has begun using eco|Driver®’s unique Alerting capability, allowing them to respond to exceptional energy use on a real-time basis. Looking to the future, the Mall view ecoDriver as a vital piece of management equipment in their quest to improve the sustainability of their facilities.

eco|Driver® has provided us with a unique management tool that allows us to keep track of our energy usage on a real-time basis and in a format that is easy to understand. The system’s innovative alerting capability has enabled us to quickly intervene when consumption is unexpectedly high, preventing us from exceeding planned targets.

Glenn Fulton – General Manager, Camberley Mall