Mole Valley District Council

Mole Valley District Council embark upon mission to reduce internal carbon footprint by 35% by 2015 with the help of eco|Driver®.

Mole Valley District Council

Initial Approach

In 2009, TR Control Solutions approached Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) about the prospect of implementing the award winning sustainability information management system, eco|Driver®. Mole Valley, already in the process of setting up their Carbon Management Programme (CMP), commissioned eco|Driver® to be installed in their Pippbrook office in Dorking, as one of a number of sustainability measures.


eco|Driver® was installed at Pippbrook to capture electricity and gas consumption on a real-time basis. The council introduced a number of further measures to demonstrate, to residents and employees, Mole Valley District Council’s commitment to monitoring and reducing energy consumption across their head-quarters. They displayed the data captured on the front-page of their intranet to act as a reminder to employees about their impact on the council’s carbon footprint.

The council also decided to install ecoDriver’s View LCD display solution on a screen in their reception area and included live information on their website homepage.

Another Dimension

The use of eco|Driver® has had a positive impact at Mole Valley and helped the council acheive the targets set out in their CMP. MVDC believe that eco|Driver® has added another dimension in their attempts to communicate and engage with staff about sustainability. The system has also been able to accurately inform facilities management of when ‘energy spikes’ are occurring in the building, allowing them to quickly respond and target areas to reduce consumption.

Looking to the Future

Mole Valley will continue their work towards the 35% reduction, in their carbon footprint, set out for 2015. Using eco|Driver® and its unique analysis and reporting functionality, the council will strive to further engage staff on internal environmental issues.

′eco|Driver®. allows our residents and staff to see how much energy we're using in our main offices at any hour of the day. It's another way that Mole Valley District Council is demonstrating to our staff and residents that we take a close interest in our energy consumption and are seeking to reduce it even further. eco|Driver®. is one of many carbon reduction projects Mole Valley District Council have installed to help us reduce our carbon footprint and our expenditure on energy.′

Councillor Chris Reynolds, portfolio holder for Environment, MVDC