St Georges College

St George’s College, Weybridge embarks upon mission to improve sustainability with the help of Powercor and eco|Driver®

St Georges College

In August 2010 St George’s College in Weybridge, Surrey, as part of their drive to improve sustainability and reduce energy cost, commissioned Powercor to implement the award winning sustainability information management system, eco|Driver® to capture energy and water consumption data.

Water waste reduced

Within a very short period, using eco|Driver® Powercor identified a water leak which was soon repaired and resulted in daily savings of over 20,000 litres of water. Further opportunities for water saving were also easily identified once the college was able to see just how much water they were using and importantly when it was being used.

The college now has 28 meters installed across two sites which in total cover 128 acres. Electricity, natural gas and water usage data is transmitted every 30 minutes to the eco|Driver® managed servers where it is converted into kWh, cost and CO2e.

Electricity costs slashed

Powercor also identified an opportunity to take advantage of the electricity cost reducing potential of Voltage Optimisation (VO) at the college. A Carbon Trust loan was approved and 4 x 500 kVA units were installed. Subsequent to the installation of VO, savings in electrical energy consumption of approximately 10% have been achieved.

Further energy and water savings are planned as the unique eco|Driver® Energy Efficiency Programme is systematically implemented at the college in 2011.

We are very pleased with our eco|Driver® system, its impact and its implementation by Powercor

Errol Minihan, Facilities Manager, St George’s College.