Whitehall Department Headquarters

On Friday 14th May 2010 the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, pledged to publish on-line (as part of the new Government’s drive to increase transparency) the energy use of Government headquarters on a ‘real-time’ basis.

Whitehall Department Headquarters

Less than 6 weeks later we had installed eco|Driver® at the headquarters of five prominent Whitehall departments, well in advance of the Government’s deadline.

‘The reason we could do this so quickly’ comments John Taylor, the managing director of TR Control Solutions Ltd ‘is that we have been pioneering the concept of capturing and broadcasting an organisation’s energy performance since 2007; we’ve implemented many systems and consequently we’ve been able to refine our solution’ 

‘It’s important to recognise however’ says Taylor ‘that this isn’t just a simple web energy display system; what we’ve developed is a real-time sustainability information management system.’






The system captures, wirelessly, real-time energy and water consumption from a building’s utility meters. This data is transferred every 30 minutes to the remote eco|Driver® servers where it is converted and published live to the web. In addition to the live charts that display half hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly performance in units cost or CO2e, the system publishes daily the raw meter data as CSV files, so that anyone can download a building’s data and perform their own analysis of its performance.

Within days of the implementation of these Whitehall HQ systems, questions from members of the public concerning the efficient use of energy were prompting internal investigations, some of which have already identified opportunities to reduce energy consumption, cost and CO2e emissions.

We are going to publish, in real time, how much energy each department is using. So this is transparency in action, to drive forward the cuts in carbon emissions

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister