Whitehall Departments Progress Report

UK Government Ministries, embark upon mission to improve sustainability with the help of eco|Driver®

On the 14th May 2010, the Prime-Minister David Cameron made a commitment to make the coalition the ‘greenest government’ ever. His commitment included, cutting carbon emissions by 10% across central government, in the first 12 months and a promise to publish on-line real time emissions data from 18 headquarter buildings.

Whitehall Departments Progress Report

The challenge is set

The PM’s commitment began the process and Whitehall departments readily took up the challenge. Since the 1st August 2010, 18 government headquarter buildings have been reporting real time energy consumption online. Five of the major departments chose to implement eco|Driver®, the Microsoft award winning web-based, managed service solution, to capture half-hourly data and report energy performance online.

A competitive edge

The introduction of eco|Driver® has produced significant results and each of the departments have been able to successfully reduce their energy consumption at their headquarters. In October 2010 an energy efficiency competition was run, pitting Whitehall departments against each other in a bid to reduce energy usage. The competition was a major success and four of the departments using eco|Driver® were able to reduce their energy consumption, compared with the previous months usage.


Following the competition, each department has striven to reduce their energy consumption to meet the PM’s original challenge. Using eco|Driver’s® real time display, ministries have been able to clearly identify areas where energy efficiency savings can be made. Comprehensive targets have been set, to give consumption statistics a sense of context and this has made improving sustainability performance even simpler and more transparent.

Impressive Savings

Ministries have been able to reduce their energy bills and substantially cut carbon dioxide emissions. On the 14th of February the Home Office released figures highlighting savings of over £11,000 and over 120 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. On the same day, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice also released figures showing that they had been able to achieve savings of a very significant nature, with a reduction in cost of over £140,000.1

RTD clearly shows performance against targets

Next Steps

The key to continued energy efficiency success is vigilance and continuous improvement which is the main objective of the new eco|Driver® Energy Efficiency Programme (EEP), currently being piloted by several organisations including one very prominent central government ministry.

The RTD (real time display) has provided a focus for our efforts and useful feedback on our success. It has raised the awareness of energy efficiency in our building and provided transparency on our performance to a wide range of interested stakeholders

Damien Green, Minister of State, Home Office