Commercial Companies

Reduce Cost, Promote Success, Empower Staff

In common with other organisations, commercial companies are acutely aware of the need to eliminate waste and one source of waste is avoidable energy and water consumption. Additionally and in particular for business to consumer companies, there is an increasingly important need to be seen to be operating with a concern and care for the environment.

eco|Driver®   has been designed to help commercial companies meet both of these needs. By continuously monitoring consumption and only alerting someone when targets might be missed the organisation can rest assured that as long as they respond appropriately to these alerts then their utility performance will improve in line with their targets.

Further reassurance is provided through the managed service nature of our solution. We monitor the operation of your data capture equipment on a day-by-day basis and if we detect a problem we contact you immediately so that any loss of data is avoided or at least minimised.

With the option of broadcasting performance via a local LCD display system, via an intranet or via the web, the company can publish their actual sustainability performance thus avoiding any accusations of ‘green wash’.