Industrial Organisations

Increase Productivity, Improve Sustainability

Industrial organisations, probably more than any other type, continuously strive to minimise utility costs. If however it takes say 4kWh to make a widget and you make more widgets, you’re going to use more energy and if the price of a kWh stays the same, energy costs will of course rise. The challenge therefore, in addition to looking for more energy efficient processing methods, is to minimise waste.

Identifying where waste occurs, taking steps to eliminate it and then making sure it doesn’t creep back in requires significant continuous improvement (CI) effort supported by accurate and reliable data. eco|Driver® has the necessary capability to support CI efforts to minimise utility waste in industrial organisations.

Accessible from the ‘cloud’ and with multi-country, multi-site and multi-currency features, eco|Driver®   can be deployed anywhere to capture relevant data from any system, legacy or otherwise.

As a systems integrator and application developer (see, with many years of experience developing and deploying solutions for industrial organisations, we can adapt and integrate eco|Driver®   with your existing process control and ERP systems.