Schools, Colleges & Universities

Save energy, save money & reduce emissions

It’s hard to imagine why any educational institution (or any organisation for that matter) would not wish to save energy, save money and reduce emissions but it’s easy to understand why they might not.

Running an educational organisation is all consuming; there is always some new method or initiative to take on board, results to achieve, extra-curricular event to attend and new intake to induct. So whilst they’d really like to reduce the amount of energy they use, save money in the process and reduce CO2 emissions, they often just don’t find the time.

So what is required is a solution that requires minimum effort to operate and preferably none, that monitors energy (and water) consumption in the background, every hour of every day; that compares consumption with targets and alerts someone only if targets might be missed and that periodically advises you on your performance against targets. And as every teacher and lecturer knows, feedback on performance is necessary to improve performance, so the solution also needs to broadcast just how well the organisation is doing in an engaging and informative way. eco|Driver®   does all of this and more.