Bespoke dashboard using API

Bespoke dashboard using API

The Technical Support Services Department at The Lady Eleanor Holles School have created a bespoke energy dashboards using the eco|Driver® application program interface (API), to be displayed via the school’s existing digital signage system.

Whilst the LEH Technical Support Services Department had investigated the possibility of using the eco|Driver® View display application to communicate energy performance information to the school community, it was decided that it would be preferable to make use of the school’s existing digital signage system.

So using the eco|Driver® API a series of engaging and informative, real-time dashboards have been created that leverage the data captured by the school’s energy management system.

The dashboards continue to be refined and the school has plans to extend the display to incorporate a competition to encourage energy conservation behaviour.

If you would like more information about this project or just generally about the API contact us here