Don’t pour your money down the drain!

Don’t pour your money down the drain!

Do you know what happens in your building at night? At the weekend? When everyone who works there is at home asleep – or at least not at work?

Most people would assume that everything gets switched off. The lights, the electricity, the heating, the water. But how can you tell?

The owners of one building certainly thought that was the case. They didn’t realise anything was wrong – and then they started using ecoDriver.

The reports the system produced showed that the building was using far too much water every day. The building was a four storey office building, so the people at ecoDriver know how much water should be used.

John Taylor, from ecoDriver said: “It was high compared to other buildings of that type. When you look at a day’s consumption you can see that there was significant water consumption overnight and at the weekend. The building was not occupied at night and at the weekend, so you wouldn’t have expected any water usage then. The pattern of consumption wasn’t appropriate for that building.”

ecoDriver spots excessive consumption

The owners asked their facilities management company to investigate but they couldn’t find anything wrong. Thankfully, ecoDriver didn’t give up – it kept reporting in the weekly audit report that the building was using too much water.

John said: “We kept pestering them, and eventually they discovered a leak where an overflow was flowing into a toilet bowl continuously - water going straight down the drain every day, 365 days a year.”

That problem was fixed. But even then, the building was still consuming too much water for a building of that size.

“We suggested it might be flushing urinals, as we’d seen that before - flushing water 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

“They were adamant however that it wasn’t a problem, that the system worked a particular way and it wouldn’t waste water.”

ecoDriver provides a forensic utility trail

Even so, the company investigated and eventually found a fault in the system. The excessive consumption of water was traced to automated urinals flushing when not required.  

John said: “They would never have known about this without ecoDriver because, although they knew how much water they were using from their monthly bill, they didn’t know when this water was being used. The half hourly reports produced by ecoDriver provide a forensic trail to follow. 

“I know when a snail has crawled across my garden table at night, not because the snail is still there in the morning, but because I can see the trail that the snail has left, and that’s what ecoDriver does, it reveals the utility use trail left by the building’s services.”

One leaky toilet and constantly flushing urinals could have cost the company thousands of pounds in excessive water use over an extended period of time. Identifying the source of the high water usage is saving them hundreds of pounds a year, every year.

“Time and time again, we pick up problems with automated systems which building occupants and facilities managers are totally unaware of.”

As this company found, effective monitoring of your utilities' use can cut not just your consumption, but also your bills.