ecoDriver Newsletter - December 2013

ecoDriver Newsletter - December 2013

November User Group Meeting

Users Meet to Share Ideas and Achievements

Representatives from many organisations using eco|Driver® gathered at TRCS offices on 28th November to learn more about new product features, to have their say on future product functionality and to hear success stories from other users. If you’ve not attended one of these free workshops (we run a minimum of two per year), we recommend that you do. Just to talk to other users and hear what can be achieved is a valuable fillip to any sustainability programme, whatever stage you’re at.

New eco|Driver® V2

Phase Two Project Underway

The first limited, beta version of eco|Driver® was developed in 2006. In 2008 we released a new enterprise, cloud version of eco|Driver® which we labelled V1. This first version was developed in response to customer requests for access to useful but easily understandable performance data. We are now developing eco|Driver® V2 which is again based upon real requirements from innovative organisations who now want to do even more to improve their sustainability performance.

Water savings for commercial property owner

Savings Flow When Waste is Eliminated

One of our clients successfully used ecoDriver® this year to help them eliminate significant water waste at one of their tenanted office premises. Using aspects of the '1O Easy Steps To Make Savings' outlined at our last user group meeting they were able to identify the waste, eliminate its cause and then, most importantly, continue to monitor the water use in the building to ensure that the problem did not reoccur. They have now decided that the simplicity, reliability and effectiveness of the eco|Driver® solution is to be implemented and used at more of their properties.