CEEP - its so easy!

CEEP - its so easy!

For organisations with dedicated energy managers or those with deep enough pockets to sub contract responsibility to a third party, deciding how to improve energy efficiency, on a day-to-day basis, is (or should be) a relatively straightforward task. For those who are not in this fortunate position, the task can be daunting.

Too much to do already?

If you are uninspired by promotional material for energy management systems that urge you to Analyse, Optimise or Leverage, because you’re not sure how to, look no further, we’ve got the solution.

CEEP which stands for Collaborative Energy Efficiency Programme is a proven method for systematically reducing energy (& other utility) waste, with very little effort.

What often happens, in many organisations, is that someone implements some LED lighting, buys a new boiler or makes adjustments to BMS set points and for a few weeks the impact of the changes is tracked. Over time however interest often wanes and other initiatives take precedence and if it’s not your only responsibility then you’ll probably find it difficult, on your own, to sustain the effort.

What is needed, to highlight inefficiencies and avoid creeping waste, is a systematic programme, which engages others and is effortless to maintain and that is a CEEP.

Weekly nudge

According to one Facilities Manager, who helped an organisation save over £200k with a CEEP:

‘It gives us a nudge, every week and without that nudge we probably wouldn’t have made the savings’

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