New real time display system and analytics

New real time display system and analytics

Waiting in the wings is a new version of ecoDriver. We’re just polishing it off, but while we do, we thought we’d give you a taster of what’s to come.

ecoDriver View v2.0 - packed full of customisation

We have listened to customer feedback and improved the interface so there’s lots more customisation as we now use a digital signage system that supports many more widgets for you to choose from. What this means is that in the next version there’s loads more flexibility on the information you can display on your screen. Also previously you had to fit your information into four quarters on the screen. Not any more: now you can put as much or as little info in a page, it’s up to you.

We have also migrated the software to a cloud-based solution. So instead of buying licences that sit on a specific PC, you just login online to check data, make changes and display the information on as many screens as you like. It’s very easy to use and updates and in seconds. What's more, there’s no additional software cost for existing users.

ecoDriver analytics with better alerting

We've given ecoDriver some extra va va va voom when it comes to alerts and analytics. The analytical capability of ecoDriver has always been extremely powerful and useful (you can read what some of our users have said about the system here)  but now, with the analytics module, we’ve taken it to a new level. 

Where targets have been set, the system automatically sends you an email when it finds a statistical anomaly in the data so you can investigate the problem. You will be able to annotate the data and insert notes to give some context to the issue. What's more, anyone on the eco team who uses the ecoDriver software can do this. It means that together, you can easily build an audit trail that can be reviewed to help prevent these issues in the future.

Resolving demand excursions

Here's how it might work in the real world. Say a target has been significantly exceeded (a demand excursion), ecoDriver will ping an email to the people who use the system. This could be the facilities manager or the sustainability manager who can quickly log in and check the system. If the target has been exceeded because it's very hot (or very cold) that day, you can choose to ignore the status of the system, as you know the weather is to blame (the demand excursion is known)

If there is no immediate explanation however, the facilities manager can investigate the cause and report back by clicking on the graph and typing in notes. With the new cloud-based system, this is automatically saved. Everyone who has access to that data has an immediate and full picture of what is going on and what steps are needed to remedy the situation.

What’s even better is you can create your own metrics and customise your own reports, so running a report for the board or for a manager is easily done. 

Do you think your green credentials could do with a review? Why not get in contact and see how we can help – just email or ring us on +44(0) 1932 242444 and we’ll show you the system in action.