Philips shine a light on dark data

Philips shine a light on dark data

Customers are increasingly sceptical of vendor's 'estimated' savings claims. They want to see actual performance, before and after a new system has been implemented.

Customers know that estimations are based upon assumptions about operations and in reality these assumptions, in their buildings, with their employees and with their occupancy patterns, might not be correct.

Lighting load in kW is not the same as lighting energy use in kWh and it's kWhs that customers pay for and they want to make sure that these are reduced.

It's also very often the case (in fact nearly always the case) that a customer does not know precisly how much energy they are using to illiuminate their buildings because it's not being metered or if it is, the information is not easily accessible - i.e. it's dark data!

Verify & maintain savings

To provide their customers with verification of energy savings, Philips Lighting are using eco|Driver to measure lighting energy use before and after the installation of a new lighting system - see here

The energy use data captured, is provided to their customers via an easily accessible web portal both, as an initial verification aid and as an ongoing, operational performance tool. As everyone knows, change happens, initial control settings will be adjusted, building layouts are modified and occupancy patterns change, so performance needs to be monitored to keep the system operating at it's sweet spot.

So if you have a lighting energy efficiency project (or any energy efficiency project), contact us to discuss how we and eco|Driver could help you verify & maintain savings - – just email or ring us on +44(0) 1932 242444