Energy Efficiency Programmes powered by eco|Driver®  

We are concerned with helping organisations achieve real improvements in energy efficiency using the most cost effective methods. We employ CIBSE accredited Low Carbon Consultants and we have helped organisations reduce their energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions by implementing an Energy Efficiency Programme (EEP) powered by eco|Driver®  . So if you need help to improve your energy and sustainability performance we can provide a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Energy Efficiency Programme LITE

You may be keen to reduce your costs and the CO2 emissions associated with your organisation’s energy use but whilst you can devote some labour resource to energy management, you don’t employ a full-time energy manager. You are well aware that unless you and your team are regularly prompted about energy performance, it is likely to get forgotten.

Our EEP LITE package will provide you (and selected individuals within your organisation) with the support you need to ensure that reducing energy waste and minimising CO2 emissions is not neglected but without burdening you with unnecessary costs and excessive demands upon your time.

Energy Efficiency programme STANDARD

Reducing costs is a priority but reducing energy waste and reducing CO2 emissions, and being seen to be determined to reduce emissions, is also very important for your organisation. Whilst you employ a facilities management team their focus is predominantly on maintaining the building fabric and services to maximise the comfort of all the building's users. The FM team recognises the importance of energy efficiency but they generally don’t have sufficient time or resources to implement a systematic programme.

Acting as your energy efficiency partner we engage with stakeholders in your organisation to raise the profile of energy efficiency and ensure that steps are taken, in a systematic way, to reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Energy Efficiency programme ADVANCED

You need to reduce costs associated with energy waste and minimise emissions but you can’t justify the fixed cost of a full-time energy manager. Whilst your FM team take action to minimise waste whenever it is identified, this process is not systematic and you have often found that savings that you thought were made have been lost over time.

With our EEP Advanced package we will take responsibility for the energy efficiency of your buildings and plant and we will improve their performance. The total amount you pay us for this service will be linked to our success. If we are very successful we will gain but you will gain the most; if we are less successful your costs will reflect this.