More than just a real-time display

eco|Driver®  View is much more than just a simple real-time display system that presents a building’s energy data. eco|Driver®  View is a ground breaking local display system, configured by you, that broadcasts a combination of live sustainability performance data (consumption with targets) and associated sustainability messages via a variety of configurable modules.

Running on standard desktop PC driving an LCD screen (or on an all-in-one PC/Screen combination) with a network connection with access to the web, the eco|Driver®  View application is used to create a display either for a single or multiple locations and the configuration can be changed easily by you whenever required. Images generated by the eco|Driver®  View application can also be exported to other systems e.g. existing digital signage system or Intranet, for distribution more widely.

What is the system capable of displaying?

  • PowerPoint™ Presentations
  • Windows Media Playlists (Video, Audio and Images)
  • Still Images
  • The Weather
  • Waste Usage Charts
  • Column Charts (showing energy &water consumption data with targets)
  • Alert (indicating how close you are to your target)
  • Tips
  • Energy League Charts

Simple to install and manage, eco|Driver®  View is an essential tool for organisations that are keen to promote transparency and make sustainability information readily available to their employees and visitors alike.