What is eco|Driver®  webView ?

Broadcast your sustainability performance with eco|Driver®  webView

eco|Driver®  webView enables you to publish your organisation’s live sustainability performance to the web so that anyone can see, very easily, how well you are performing.

But why would you want to do that?

  • Transparency drives performance improvement
  • Easy access to data improves quality and reliability of data
  • Avoid accusations of ‘green wash’ by publishing live data
  • ‘Be green and be seen to be green’
  • ‘Comparative feedback’ has been shown to produce sustained reductions in energy waste

Features of eco|Driver®  webView

  • Interactive charts show half hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly performance
  • View units of consumption (or generation), costs or CO2 emissions
  • Target line with target description
  • View utility consumption, generation and waste disposal performance
  • Weekends and holidays highlighted
  • League chart shows relative performance of sites
  • Site performance normalised by number of occupants or floor area
  • Absolute site performance shown against building type benchmarks