What is eco|Driver®  ?

eco|Driver®   is an application designed to help organisations improve their sustainability performance and reduce their costs. This is achieved by presenting relevant, timely information in the most appropriate way to those people who can improve an organisation’s sustainability performance and reduce cost, i.e. everyone.

Data Capture

eco|Driver®   is able to capture sustainability performance from a variety of sources as follows:

Direct from meters

Live energy and water consumption (or generation as in the case of renewables e.g. solar photovoltaic panels, etc.) data can be captured very reliably from pulse-enabled utility meters (main fiscal meters or sub-meters) using wireless data capture equipment. This data is directed via GPRS to the eco|Driver®   data capture application (which runs on secure servers connected to the Internet) where it is imported automatically.

Day+1 AMR data

Increasingly fiscal utility meters (both half hour and non-half hour) are equipped with a standard AMR (automated meter reading) service which collects half hour data from the meter on a daily basis. This data is generally known as Day+1 data as it is only available the day after it was logged. A copy of this data can be sent (upon request usually for a nominal fee) to the eco|Driver®   data capture application, by FTP in a standard CSV file format, again where it is imported automatically.

Other utility data capture systems

Other data capture systems e.g. Building Management Systems (BMS), etc. that have access to meter data can also be configured to supply data, in the correct format and by the correct method, to the eco|Driver®   data capture application, again where it is imported automatically.

Manual data input

Utility meters can be read manually and the meter readings entered directly into eco|Driver®   where the readings are converted to consumption data. Waste data (e.g. landfill, compost, etc.) can also be entered into eco|Driver®   manually.


Targets are the key to sustainability performance improvement. Publishing consumption data without targets is less than half the story. Targets are set in eco|Driver®   for meters and waste bins (meters for waste) and targets vary according to the day of the week, the season and other drivers.


eco|Driver®   generates email alerts are generated when targets might be missed so that you can take the necessary action (if possible) to avoid the target actually being missed.


eco|Driver®   has a range of standard reports that provide useful performance and analysis related information including an option to automatically import and compare with weather related data. Data can be extracted and saved in a number of different formats and if there isn't a standard report to meet your requirements we can create one for you.

Summary of main features

  • Real-time, enterprise-wide, sustainability information system
  • Energy, water, waste disposal, transport & travel (not standard)
  • Able to capture data from many different sources
  • Presents information in many different ways
  • Units, Cost and CO2e
  • Comprehensive target setting and alerting
  • Reports with automatically generated degree day data (option)
  • Web-based interface, display screen application, desktop alerting
  • Publish data to Internet / Intranet pages
  • Multi-site, multi-country, multi-currency capability
  • Software as a service, managed service application