Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Do You Qualify For ESOS?

  • If you employ more than 250 people in the UK and/or have an annual turnover of more than 50M euro (approx. £36M) and an annual balance sheet total in excess of 43M euro, then it is likely that you qualify for ESOS
  • You will need to register your compliance with the Environment Agency by 5th December 2015 (failure to do so could result in a significant financial penalty)
  • Our lead ESOS assessor can help you prepare for ESOS and meet the deadline

Please contact us to discuss your ESOS requirements


As the name implies, a key aspect of the ESOS scheme is to enable you to identify energy saving opportunities and as part of the process these opportunities should be quantified (cost versus benefit) and ranked according to their relative merit.

Whilst it is not mandatory, for ESOS compliance, to implement any of the opportunities, if they have been rigorously evaluated, using your own cost benefit appraisal methods, it would be appropriate to consider doing so.

We have significant experience & expertise in implementing operational changes and energy efficiency technologies. So whether you want to review & re-commission your building controls, implement a new building management /metering system or replace plant/equipment, we can help you do this.

Please contact us to discuss implementing your ESOS recommendations