UK Central Government Energy League Chart

Tuesday - Aug 30, 2016

View a live, interactive league chart showing the energy consumption of several uk central government departments.

Select a department to view the near real-time electricity, natural gas and water consumption of key buildings in their estates. 

Ministry of Justice

Monday - Jan 4, 2016

The UK Ministry of Justice has been using eco|Driver® and publishing their live energy use since June 2010.

Click on the image to see their live electricity and natural gas consumption.

Thames Ditton Junior School

Tuesday - Jan 20, 2015

Keen to get a much clearer picture of their actual energy use, Thames Ditton Junior School have recently installed eco|Driver®. Using their new, live and interactive webView, all the pupils & teachers in the school can easily see just how much energy they are using every day.

Check out their webView by clicking on the image to the right.

Office for National Statistics

Friday - Sep 27, 2013

The Office for National Statistics headquarter building in Newport, Wales have been using eco|Driver® to publish their energy use live to the web since 2010.

Department for Transport

Friday - Sep 27, 2013

The Department for Transport headquarter building, Great Minster House, have been using eco|Driver® to publish their energy use (electricity and natural gas), live to the web, since July 2010. Recently (August 2013) they have also added their water use to the system.