ACS International Schools

Thursday - Jun 21, 2012

ACS International Schools (Surrey, UK) uses eco|Driver to monitor the energy performance of their three sites in Surrey (Cobham, Egham & Hillingdon). The data is captured every 30 minutes from both main utility meters (electricity & natural gas) and electricity sub-meters distributed across the sites.

St George's College

Thursday - Jun 21, 2012

Keen to improve their sustainability and reduce their energy costs, St George's College, Weybridge have been using eco|Driver to capture and broadcast their energy consumption since 2010. The system monitors energy, natural gas and water consumption and in 2012 the system was upgraded to capture and present the renewable energy generated by on-site solar photovoltaic panels.

Ashley C of E Primary School

Thursday - Jun 21, 2012

Ashden Sustainability Award winning primary school, Ashley C of E and head teacher Richard Dunne, have been using eco|Driver since 2007 to monitor the sustainability of their Surrey school. The system captures electricity consumption and electricity generation data from an array of solar photovoltaic cells.

Thames Ditton Infant School

Tuesday - Jun 19, 2012

Thames Ditton Infant School are keen to ensure they operate in a sustainable way by looking for opportunities to reduce their energy consumption wherever they can. The children, teachers, parents and governors can all see, very easily just how well they are doing, hour by hour, day by day. No password to remember, no software to install, just a click on a link with a standard web browser. Transparency in action!

Department for International Development

Thursday - Jun 14, 2012

The United Kingdom Department for International Development uses eco|Driver® webView to publish the live energy and water consumption performance of two of their UK buildings, 1 Palace Street in London and Abercrombie House in East Kilbride.